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Project Description
A SharePoint 2010 custom field that inherits from a lookup field, but uses a different user interface. The UI allows a user to choose items from the lookup list based on managed metadata.

The SharePoint Lookup Field can be difficult to use with large lists, and it does not provide context when selecting items. This project is an attempt to create a different lookup field, one that allows the user to filter the lookup items.

The Metadata Filtered Lookup Field inherits from the out of box Lookup field but presents a different user interface when choosing items. This field presents the user with the option of filtering the list of options using metadata defined on the source list. The user uses metadata tags to show/hide relevant ot irrelevant lookup items.

The code has been tested with multi and single valued lookups.

The only known issue at the moment is that the lookup field does NOT create additional fields in the target list the same way as the out of box lookup.

A screenshot:

Note: This code is for SharePoint 2010

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